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What about us? Well, we believe it is not about us. It is about the amazing people we meet on our way. We taste the city because of them. ‘We’ is the ones who are organising your Tours; Kim an Michiel. Both passionate about discovering the new and yummy. We travelled both our bit of this planet and realise that the ordinary can be special, and the local the unique. We are both rooted in Dutch culture and curious cats for new horizons. We don’t believe in fake reality and strive to do our best for each new visit. 

The cat's


With food people connect. By food people interact and meet each other. Through food we love, live and celebrate. Food can be  comfort and give shelter in sad times. Uplifting when needed. A gift or a present. A simple way of doing or a desired result. Food is me, food is you. Food we are together. By food and the social act of eating we meet the other. Feeding from the same planet, living in a shared ecosystem. Food creates a system of beliefs and diverse meaning. In one way we are all hungry streetcats, we have similar cravings and needs as humans. Enjoying food is universal. It is a complex of human action that makes our food diverse and yummy. 

A story of

a hungry streetcat

Who is the Hungry Streetcat? Good question. We might all be one without food or shelter. The  streetcat who created this idea and started this tour his name is Michiel. A dutch boy who takes pride on his Frisian roots -up north in The Netherlands- where he grew up. A rural environnement, dairy cow country. Endless green pastures of fat rich grass. A boy with a desire for exploring. A desire for food and tasting new worlds. 



We create the most inspiring and unique food tours of this planet


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