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Tickets, payments and cancellation

How can I book a tour?

You can book a tour online- click Button BOOK NOW, select your desired tour, and pick a available day. Then proceed to online purchase and finish by completing payment. You will receive an email with confirmation.

Do I have to buy my tour tickets in advance? Can I just turn up and pay in cash?

Yes, Leisure guests buy a tour in advance. Business groups pay with an invoice.

How do I pay for the tour?

Go to your Cart and then proceed to checkout.

Is your booking system secure?

Yes, we work with professional software and intermediates who are registered and secure.

Can I cancel or reschedule my tour?

If available then you can reschedule. Cancellation 7 days or more before = refund . Cancellation 7-2 days before= 50% refund. Cancellation less than 48 hours before = no refund.



Sure you can, you will have a different perspective on Dutch culture and food.

The main difference is the moment and the type of food you consume. With a breakfast tour we let you taste local delicacies which will fit a morning menu, as for lunch and dinner. The lunch and Dinner tours both have a beer tasting included. The Dinner tour is timewise and foodwise the most elaborate.

Depending on the tour and moment of the day we select the start at different locations, all close by or in the old city centre. With your confirmation of your booking we will sent you the precise address for the start-location of your tour. We will start at the indicated time with the foodtour. We select a location where you can arrive prior to the start of the tour and have a drink or a sanitary stop before we start. The foodtours will end at the indicated location which we will sent you in our confirmation email. It will be in the old city centre, so in small walking distance of the start.

Maximum of ten people, as we like to share our stories on a personal level and this suits most visited locations.

Don’t worry- We are not on a train, and you can always catch up with us. Just text us or phone us and we’ll give you our next location where you join the cat again. It’s a pity though, because you miss out on yumminess ;(.

Our primary cat acting as a guide is Michiel; inspirator of the Hungry Streetcat. When we have a larger group we will make use of more guides, who are trained and HSC certified guides.

Obviously this is ‘relative’ but yes the foodtour is a walking tour, and in total you will walk maybe a total of 3,5 km. We will stop in between so no long stretches.

We depend on the hospitality of the locations we visit, and yes they do have availabilities. We however ask you kindly before starting to visit the restroom because a foodtour will become less fun waiting for others at restrooms.

On our Lunch and Dinnner tours we taste some alcoholic beverages. Under the age of 18 years old you are not allowed to consume alcohol however by Dutch Law.

So adults, yes

18< No

Plenty; we cats like to play together. Just contact us and we’ll see how we can be meaningful for each other.

We want a true Hungry Streetcat experience (small groups and personal) therefore we will opt to split up your group into sometimes manageable and fun- sized groups. With the help of some extra cat’s to guide you through the city.

Absolutely. Check our available workshops. And if your desired workshop is not there yet, maybe we can create something new.




Food & drinks

Yes, upon booking make sure you write down any allergies, special diets (religion) or the fact that you are vegan, vegetarian or fruitarian. We will always try to find alternatives to accommodate your wishes.

At some locations yes, and sometimes no. Depending on the venue. For example you can choose between a coffee, tea, a latte, espresso etc. whatever suits you what fits the menu. A cocktail is then not a suitable alternative. Likewise with a beer-tasting. You are not obliged to taste the offered food selection, you can always decline on personal taste. Still we like you to explorer new things

Yes, as in alcoholic drinks are part of 2/3 of our Tours. We have a family- breakfast tour which is non-alcoholic. We always recommend to bring a personal bottle of water along the tour.

Yes. Being full is not a goal though, it is about tasting and enjoying food.

Sure, but be aware of the fact that some fellow guests do not appreciate it being filmed or photographed while eating. Would you?

In general not, you can remember the shop and come back. Sometimes there is a minute or two after a tasting that we have a little ‘spare time’ to fresh up and get going again.


To bring...


Suitable for...

Depending on the age obviously. In general our breakfast tour is very suitable from age 7-88. The breakfast tour is non-alcoholic, and as with the lunch tour has a nice stop at some sweet seductions.

Wheelchair is a challenge, as we have to enter quite some places with elevated doorsteps. We will try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee access to all locations. A baby stroller the same, at some places we will have to go upstairs and a stroller is not very convenient. We wouldn’t like you to leave your small one behind at the doorsteps waiting for you. A carry-on baby-backpack is more suitable.

Our tours are spoken in English, and for groups we can arrange a tailor made programme. We can accommodate in other languages; We speak as well: Deutsch, Français, Español, Frysk, Nederlands. If your group wants a translator in a different language that is possible- use the contact form for a tailor made Foodtour.

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