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The hungry streetcat depends on local creative and quality driven entrepreneurs. Without them there is no foodtour. We take you along a journey and present the beauty of their food and share their story. Here a selection of our yummy partners

Yummy Partners



Once on the roof of the garage you can see what makes one of the ugliest buildings in Haarlem one of the most beautiful places: the panoramic view over the old city center with the first slopes of the dunes on the horizon. A free and open feeling above the bustle of the city.



Experience the best restaurant in the city. Michelin starred chef Menno Post and his muse Saskia created a unique setting in a historical setting. Here Art meets food. Food is a puzzle which can intrigue and Delight. 



The best deli in the city with olskool dutch delicacies. Originated from a dynasty of butchers the time has come for the daughter to take over.

Nothing brings people together like food
The Hungry Streetcat

De Wereld van Jansje

Jansje has particularly well-trained people with a disability. They welcome you every day and help you make the right choice. In the lunchroom, which has a beautiful tranquil courtyard in the center of Haarlem, all dishes are homemade.

Jopenkerk,  2011


Jopen Brewery is one of the leading Dutch micro-breweries and is from Haarlem . Founded in 1992 and now created a beaufiful tasting area inside of a former curch. So we say grace to these beers!

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The best cheeses in town. They selected for taste, with small producers being of paramount importance.

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