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our ambition

We believe that cats change the world. We have a philosophy on how and our ambition is to change the world by being more like a hungry streetcat. Our ambition is to inspire visitors of our city with good and yummy local food and stories. 

We believe that without ambition to change things would stay the same. So we comitted ourselves to change a system of food consumption. On a foodtour we show inspiring entrepreneurs who change the world. 

Our ambition is to be a meaningful partner in a food eco-system. Because we are connected to others in a city we feel the urge to give back for those in need. Whether it is to the planet, the animals or other humans. Therefore we donate a structural part of our income to charity we believe in. 

Dierentehuis Kennemerland

Animal shelter

Dierentehuis Kennemerland is the animal shelter in the Haarlem area. 

It has a regional function. Stray animals from the municipalities of Bloemendaal, Haarlem, Heemstede and Zandvoort are taken care of here. A number of professionals work in the animal shelter. Everything is managed with about 60 volunteers.

Stem in de stad

support of the locals

Homeless and undocumented without a voice 

More than 1,000 people from Haarlem find their way to Stem in de Stad every year. People in Haarlem who have been in great difficulties due to all kinds of circumstances and who need support. Every week they organise food shelter meetings.


Seaweed Farmers

Sustainable foundation

The Seaweed Farmers want to contribute to a cleaner sea and a healthier planet. Their mission is to harvest seaweed to filter seawater and offset CO2. The seaweed is used for bioplastics and as a natural fertiliser on bulb fields, demonstrating the value of seaweed as part of a circular economy. There is no waste. They also provide a wildlife haven for fishes and birdlife.

A sustainable startup from our neighbourhood just off the coast of IJmuiden.


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