The cat's philosophy

We believe that a cat's philosophy can change the world.
How? Just by being more like a hungry streetcat?

From our belief that we should give the world something we can offer we started our journey with the hungry streetcat. Our aim is to run a business with a purpose. A purpose that exceeds our individual desire and needs. A concept of inspiring people with the beauty of food. Because through food we meet each other.

Food is one of the primary needs of humankind. This need creates an exploration in the world. There is a strong connection between power and the availability of food. This power can create inequality. It can create surplus and starvation. Food can create war and peace.

The choices you make with your needs make you part of a bigger sum. We are connected with the rest of the world through our food. Your food-choices make you responsible for what happens elsewhere. For some a burden to live with, and for most a challenge. But each day we have a choice to change the world a little bit. It might seem that your individual effect is meaningless, but not so; your sum just adds up to the total.

We don't have a fancy CSR policy, but...
This is what we believe in and where we stand for.

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Dierentehuis Kennemerland

Dierentehuis Kennemerland is an animal shelter for the Haarlem area. Professionally managed  animal shelter by volunteers.

Stem in de stad

Stem in de stad- ‘voice in the city’ supports the ‘human streetcats’ of Haarlem. The homeless and undocumented  need many different types of help; food, shelter, and most important a listening ear.


Seaweed Farmers

The Seaweed Farmers wants to contribute to a cleaner sea and a healthier planet. A local initiative that looks for a good sustainable solution in a local eco system

We underwrite and are connected to the Chefs Manifesto (UN) where we strive for more Mindful food for a better world. As a hungry streetcat we bridge the gap between farm and fork, the Manifesto empowers us with a framework tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This framework consists of simple, practical actions we can promote

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